Market Data and Digital Boundaries for Ukraine

For Ukraine we can offer you on administrative and on postal level the following Market Data and matching Digital Boundaries:

Geographic Level
Type admin postal
Name Raioni 3-digit Postcodes
Number of Areas 688 632
Population per Region 64 000 70 000
Market Data
Purchasing Power* x x**
Population x x**
Households* x x**
Population by Sex* x x**
Population by Agebands* x x**
Unemployed* x
Retail Spending* x x**
Consumer Spending by Product Groups* x x**
Digital Boundaries
Polygons x x
* Kiev in total; no regional market data is currently possible for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and the Oblasts Donets'ka and Luhans'ka.
**Market Data is shown on basis of per capita values of respective municipalities.
Digital Boundaries UkrainePurchasing Power Ukraine

The MB-Research Market Data for Ukraine are delivered as a well arranged Excel-table.

In addition to the data we can offer you compatible digital boundaries in all popular formats for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). If desired, we gladly integrate the data in your digital boundaries – that way you can comfortably use the data directly within your system.

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