Digital Boundaries

MB-Research Release 2019 of the Digital Boundaries published

MB-Research publishes its new Release 2019 of the administrative and postal digital boundaries. Further microgeographical levels extend the offer. Additional micro-levels enlarge the MBR-offer.

Release 2017 der MB-Research Digitalen Grenzen

With the updated boundaries, Michael Bauer Research GmbH provides within the Release 2019 the most-up-to-date version of the territorial status for your geomarketing analysis.
Besides additional superordinate and updated levels, MB-Research enlarged its offer of the microgeographic layers. In-house micro-layers are now available as well for Greece (Koinotites), Lithuania (Seniunijos), Tunesia (Imadas), Malaysia (Mukim) and Martinique (Iris).

MB-Research offers about 1,000 layers for 248 countries vector-based as .shp (ESRI)- and .tab (MapInfo)-format, on request .gdb (GeoDataBase)-format and other formats can be provided. In addition to the administrative, postal and microgeographic layers, NUTS-layers are available as well.

Suitable for use with the Digital Boundaries, MB-Research offers compatible market data (Purchasing Power, MB-Research Consumer Styles, Sociodemographic Data, Consumer Spending, etc.) on the administrative, postal and microgeographic levels.

Characteristics of the MB-Research Digital Boundaries

  • all layers are updated at regular intervals
  • all layers are topologically correct and seamless to the borders of neighboring countries
  • data and areas of several countries can be easily combined in one layer due to a unique key facilitating transnational analysis
  • easy update due to unified structure of the layer names
  • besides administrative and postal layers on the most granular level, the higher levels are provided as well
  • the Digital Boundaries are vector-based to allow editing in any zoom level
  • delivery of vector-data optional in ESRI-(.shp), MapInfo-(.tab) -format or .gdb (Geodatabase/ESRI), using geographic coordinates WGS84 (reference ellipsoid WGS84, geodetic datum WGS84)
  • matching background layers such as roads or water areas can be supplied additionally on request

Global Map Set for Administrative and Postcode Areas

We offer a Global Map Set for administrative and postal areas. Please contact us: we will be pleased to give you more information about the different levels, our favourable bundle prices for the complete World Map Set or for the countries of your choice.

The MB-Research Digital Boundaries are updated regularly and are suitable for mapping, GIS, Intranet and Internet applications.

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