MB-Research Consumer Styles for market segmentation and determination of target groups

Michael Bauer Research developed a target group model based on an innovative segmentation approach

MB-Research has released the product "MB-Research Consumer Styles". Our product distinguishes 10 internationally comparable consumer styles and can be delivered for a lot of countries worldwide.

Which consumer type - ranging from the "High Earning Urban Professionals" (Type A) to the "Low-Income Younger Consumers" (Type J) - occurs most frequently and where can be provided on the geographical level of Municipalities and as well on the level of Postcode Areas and on microgeographical levels.

MB-Research creates its "Consumer Styles" study for market segmentation on the basis of different segmentation criteria such as demographics, value orientation, attitudes, consumer behavior and consumption volume identified and validated in detail in extensive research on international level.

Based on a global, representative survey, different but in themselves relatively homogenous population groups with different characteristics and consumer behavior has been identified and finally consolidated into 10 different "Consumer Styles". The result is a consistent and internationally comparable database for global market segmentation.

The ten types of MB-Research Consumer Styles are:

  • A: High Earning Urban Professionals
  • B: Comfortably Off Empty Nesters
  • C: Modern and Pragmatic Over-50s
  • D: Well Informed Modern Consumers
  • E: Affluent Highly Educated Urban Families
  • F: Security-oriented Seniors
  • G: Orientation Seeking Lower and Middle Class Consumers
  • H: Younger Lower and Middle Class Consumers
  • I: Modern Younger Families
  • J: Low-Income Younger Consumers

The Consumer Styles are flexible and can be adjusted to customers' needs. Furthermore, they can be adapted to customer specific solutions. It is possible to emphasize specific consumer preferences (e.g. preferred car brand) or specific behaviors (e.g. social media consumption).

In addition to the data we can offer you compatible digital boundaries in all popular (common) formats for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). If desired, we gladly integrate the data in your digital boundaries - that way you can comfortably use the data directly within your system.

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Digital Boundaries

Matching to our data we can offer you MB-Research Digital Boundaries for use in your GIS: administrative and postal layers as well as customized background-layers.

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